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Behind every team are incredible athletes whose dedication to adventure racing gets them to the start line, and their team to the finish line. The A1 Club is the home to recognise and reward these athletes.

Whether you’re chasing a team podium finish or conquering your first ever multi-day adventure race, or if you are aiming to rank in every race in a season to become part of the coveted A1 Grand Slam Club, the A1 Club is here to capture your journey.

Adventure racing is first and foremost a team sport, but you deserve admiration from your family and friends as well as recognition of your dedication from us, as you push yourself to the limits in the ultimate human endurance sport.

Due to the global growth of A1, we will be moving the A1 Club to a new platform to manage the tens of thousands of athletes and race results coming.  The current rankings shown are for Australia, New Zealand and South African series for the first 5 years of A1. 

Watch this space for the new platform for all your athlete needs.


In a world first, the A1 Club rewards, connects and motivates athletes of all capabilities and ambitions. Whether you're an elite or newbie to adventure racing, the A1 Club has something for you.  We are in the early days of A1, having just finished our first few seasons, so we are working with our sponsors to create great benefits for you and a network for adventure racers globally that is unparalleled.

So what floats your boat?