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Its time to recognise the incredible human strength to survive these races.   


Did you get a heartbreaking DNF or finished the race unranked? Conquering your first adventure race is not easy, but is just around the corner. For now welcome to the "A1 Guest Club" where you will still have an online profile and are part of the growing A1 global community.


Finish ranked in any A1 race enters you into the "Survivors Club". Go ahead, tattoo A1 on ya calf.


For bragging rights to be part of this club, you need to rank in all races in one season. ** If by chance your team is unranked for losing a team member, but you finish the race, we will still recognise you as having ranked and therefore keep your Grand Slam dream alive.


Watch this space..... time will tell who becomes part of this club 


Let’s be clear up front, Adventure 1 subscribes to team rankings as the official means of recognising performance in the sport of adventure racing.

BUT why not have some fun in the background for debate, discussion and banter. So yes, we understand some faster athletes race in slower teams and slower athletes race in faster teams, and a top athlete may get a DNF due to a bike failure or a slow member might get towed more than another and aunt Mary packed the wrong energy biscuit for you in race 3…

Life isn’t always fair and s**t happens… so just as in life, the best medicine to deal with the ups and downs is to have a bit of fun… so here are the rules for earning your A1 ranking points…




  1. Teams who race in multiple categories over the course of the season will be ranked in the category they most race in.  
  2. As an example, members of a female team who won their category but came 5th overall would only get 50 points each towards their individual A1 Club ranking for coming 5th. 
  3. Note that members of a team "unranked" due to a retired team member, who go on to finish the course receive A1 Club points equal to their theoretical finish line position.  The retired team member only gets the 1 DNF point.
  4. Note members of 2 or 3 member teams who race in the full course and finish, qualify for A1 Club individual points (max 4 points for finishing regardless of position), but the team itself does not receive points.