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Let's explain a few unique elements of Adventure 1’s model to grow the sport of Adventure Racing at national and international levels and the benefits that flow on… (yes more words, but its been great to get lots of questions and we are excited to share our vision and benefits with you...)

National champions and teams representing their country in A1 World Cups, the World Cup Finals and the World Championships must be composed only of athletes that meet the requirements specified by their National Olympic Committee or National Sports Authority to represent their country.

This means all team members must be citizens of the country they represent by birth or naturalisation, or satisfy the countries full-time permanent residency requirements for the time specified by their NSA or NOC. Teams composed of athletes from more than one country may participate but are not eligible for awards, prize money or a ranking.

These rules are required to ensure world-level events are in compliance with international sport convention and practice, and provide a pathway for national teams to represent their country at international competitions and multisport Games recognised by the International Olympics Committee.

A1 is working with World Obstacle to ensure Adventure Racing meets international sport expectations, and satisfies the requirements specified by the International Olympic Committee for recognition and an ability to compete in Games (read this article about the international federation in the Olympic news).
Corporations that own and run events and series, franchises and other commercial interests provide a valuable and necessary part of all sports, however they do not provide representation for the athletes.

This is the function of sports federations. World Obstacle provides the platform as a member based, not for profit, democratic association of national federations and their athlete members, which are run by volunteer athletes and other interested parties.

In contrast to commercial organizations, A1 and World Obstacle do not charge fees. They provide support functions such as anti-doping, safety guidelines developed with international standards organizations, international media distribution, and other sport functions to athletes, races and race directors at no cost.

Our goals are to facilitate collaboration between constituents in all countries, to lower the barrier to entry for athletes and teams, and to help stimulate a thriving, healthy sport by facilitating diversity, athlete development, event support, and a variety of formats catering to athletes of all levels and abilities.

Better for Athletes - pathway from youth development to the highest level of the sport… A1 working with you wherever you are in the world.

Better for Domestic growth regular national based competition. Teams must grow talent within, instead of cherry picking other countries for international level competition.

Better for Race Directors - no fees means money can be invested where it’s needed… better races and cheaper fees

Better for Spectators - more media, more access, and more international broadcasts see and engage with events

Better for the SPORT - providing representation for the athletes and event directors, plus resources and support with essential sport functions like safety, fairness and governmental recognition and assistance, and the only possible pathway to Olympic recognition

Are you a race director? Want to know more about how we can help you and your country: email

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Are you a race director, Athlete or spectator? Want to know more about how we can help you and your country: email