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To be the ultimate series for the world's ultimate endurance sport.


To showcase and develop adventure racing through our passion to Create, Inspire and Support.


Create a series that brings to reality the dream of racing the toughest events in the most stunning landscapes. Create opportunities for newbies to share the dream and compete alongside adventure racing’s elite.


Inspire people to be part of the dream, by bringing to life the races and the incredible stories of everyday people, who achieve greatness within themselves by growing through adventure racing.


Support race directors, athletes, and the adventure racing community to achieve the dream, by providing all the tools needed in one location.… i.e. to lower barriers to entry, so the difficult part is left to the race.

A1 Guiding Principles

  • Develop and promote all levels of the sport from newbies to elite athletes.
  • Maintain a connection with the adventure racing community to ensure a sustainable future for the sport.
  • Promote adventure racing as a gender neutral team sport, maintaining the “Mixed” category as the premier category.
  • Promote adventure racing as a drug free sport defined by the spirit of friendship and fair play.

Adventure 1 - joining the pieces of adventure racing together so you can survive the series.