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Since Adventure 1 launched its first National Series in 2017, we have crowned several National Adventure Racing Champions in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa after hosting more than 50 races internationally.

In 2022 A1 expands to include more countries under its national series' expansion model and a new A1 World Cup, World Cup final, and World Championships... and yes there will be annual National and World rankings. 

Who will take out the inaugural A1 World Cup Final in 2022!

For now, check out our previous A1 National Adventure Racing Champions.





2021 Australian Champs 

* Team Rogue *

Liam St Pierre, Chris and Michelle Delaney, Dan & Ali McLachlan, Thor Harrison, Richard Mountstephens.

Rogue Adventure’s national title moves them one step up on the podium from their second-place ranking in the two previous years. As a new national champion, it also makes it the fourth time that a different team has won the Australian title, reflecting the depth of adventure racing talent in the country. Second place in the series was taken out by the Gold Coast Tigers, their first time on the national series podium. This result reflects their consistency as the only team to race all A1 races in 2021. Third place goes to team Thought Sports despite the team only making it to two of the three possible races which is indicative of their world-class strength. Fourth and fifth places go to teams Thunderbolt and Avengers respectively, both of whom have previously held the title of national champions.


2nd place: Gold Coast Tigers

3rd Place:  Thought Sports



2021 South African Champs 

* Team Merrell*

Martyn Dreyer, Hanno Smit, Jeannie Dreyer, Craig Carter-Brown

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2nd place: Songlines

3rd Place:  Jabberwock



2021 New Zealand Champs 

* Team Swordfox*

Stuart Lynch, Georgia Whitla, Theo Wordsworth, Bobby Dean, Ali Wilson 

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2nd place: TBA

3rd Place:  TBA



2020 New Zealand Champs 

* Tiger Adventure NZ *

Kym Skerman, Stu Lynch,  Oliver Thomson, Matt Backler, Tim Farrant, Jason Derecourt,  Elisha Nuttal, 

Congratulations to Tiger Adventure New Zealand, convincing winners of the 2020 A1 NZ champions with an impressive 1st, 2nd and 5th in the COVID reduced 3 race series.

After taking second place to Tiki Tour in 2019, the team made full use of their allowed 7 team member crew over the series, including one appearance from Stu Lynch in their victory at race 1 - Adventure Racing Coromandel.

2nd Place: Jabberwock

3rd Place : Good Clean Bastards




2019 Australian Champs

* Alpine Avengers *

Jarad Kohlar, Elizabeth Dornom, Dave Schloss, Angus Rodwell, Shelley Matheson and Josh Street

Para on team 


2nd Place: Rogue Adventure

3rd Place : Wild Earth Tiger Adventure




2019 New Zealand Champs 

* Tiki Tour *

Tom Lucas, Michael Kelly, George Lucas, Jo Williams, Erin Greene

Para on team 


2nd Place: Tiger Adventure NZ

3rd Place : Highlands Events




2019 South African Champs 

* Merrell Adventure Addicts *

Graham Bird, Hanno Smit, Grant Ross,  Jessica Pollock, Leo Sorensen, Ingrid Peens

After the five rounds of the Adventure 1 South African Series, Merrell Adventure Addicts have been crowned champions after taking two wins and a second place to top the table on 285 points. KeyHealth Nevarest Teamalso took two wins in the series but only managed a 4th place in their third event, leaving them on 263 points. Last year’s champions, Jabberwock Adventure Racing completed the podium positions with 243 points.

The Merrell Adventure Addicts used the 2019 A1 series to give Jessica Pollock, Leo Sorensen and Ingrid Peens a chance to race alongside some of the teams older experienced members, Graham Bird, Hanno Smit and Grant Ross. As series winners they will head off to the world’s biggest expedition race, GODZone Adventure 2020 in Rotorua NZ, to take on the world’s best adventure racers.


2nd Place: Keyhealth Nevarest

3rd Place : Jabberwock




2018 Australian Champs 

* Thought Sports *

Rob Preston, Kathryn Preston, Tim Boote, Damon Goerke, Dave Schloss, Peter Preston, Angus Rodwell.

Para on team 


2nd Place: Rogue Adventure

3rd Place : Thunderbolt




2018 South African Champs 

* Jabberwock *

Craig Metherell, Cobus van Zyl, Janneke Leask, Ryno Griesel

Jabberwock has won the inaugural A1 South African Series which included 2 race wins at the Cyanosis AR and Full Moon event.


2nd Place: Cyanosis

3rd Place : Team Red Ants




2017 Australian Champs 

* Thunderbolt *

Hugh Stodart, Josh Street, Bernadette Dornom, Leo Theoharis, Dave Schloss

Thunderbolt has won the inaugural A1 Australian Series with a clean sweep of the series. 


2nd place: Peak Adventure

3rd Place:  BMX Bandits