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The “Premier Mixed” category team that completes the Adventure 1 Series with the most points, will be crowned the Adventure Racing team champions in either Australia, New Zealand or South Africa and enter into the sport’s history pages. While money will never be at the heart of Adventure 1, we expect sizable cash prizes will be made available as media interest grows and spectators and sponsors are attracted to the series.

The Adventure 1 Series will not just focus on the elite teams but also those teams who embody the spirit of the sport. You and your team will not only have an official National Adventure Racing ranking for the first time, but as A1 Club members, you will be in the running for additional awards and recognition.

National Champs off to GODZone

In addition to bragging rights for being the top Adventure Racing team in your country, as the champion team you gain free entry at the worlds biggest adventure race GODZone, in New Zealand in 2020.  Take on the best in the world as well as your fellow A1 Tri-Nations champions.



Australia PRIZE Details

Winning team off to GODZone 2020 + more details to come (COVID Delayed!)

New Zealand PRIZE Details

Winning team off to any A1 Race in the Aussie A1 Series + more details to come. (COVID Delayed!)

South Africa PRIZES Details

Winning team off to GODZone 2020 + more details to come. (COVID Delayed!)


Adventure 1 is very excited to introduce the A1 Club Awards. This recognises the individual athletes in the sport and has something for everyone from the elite to newbie.

Check out your A1 Club members and their rankings


Watch in time as wearing one of these shirts becomes synonymous with conquering the ultimate in human endurance sports...

Have you got what it takes?


Which athletes will
dominate the A1
Club rankings?

Are you chasing the top spot this year with your team mates, or will your A1 campaign over time make you the most prolific racer in your country? Or do you just want to have some fun and banter by beating your mates?

What ever floats your boat, you now have an individual adventure racing ranking for the first time.


Available to A1 Club members who have NOT received category prizes.

For athletes who represent the spirit, heart and soul of adventure racing, that show extraordinary strength and commitment to the series whilst knowing they are unlikely to ever stand on the podium.

Adventure 1 looks forward to giving you the recognition you deserve.


The infamous but most important 4th leg of adventure racing is navigation by compass... day and night... no fancy GPS, just old school adventure to get you from the start line to the finish line....every team chooses their own path... With that can come moments of pure and utter frustration!!!

Mmm the emotions that come with getting lost…really lost. For some, an excuse for a good laugh and a unique sightseeing experience, but for others it may cost a heartbreaking podium finish. Emotions can run high and the serene sounds of birds and waterfalls are replaced with the less peaceful sounds of #$%@#%##.

So for our enjoyment learning experience, we will be voting on the worst most memorable checkpoint of the season…. And with that comes the honour of the Marco Polo Award thanks the safety trackers each team carries.

Read more about Marco Polo award and its candidates