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Wildside 1 - 3 Oct 2022

Mid North Coast, NSW

In October, the A1 series remains in NSW with Wildside Adventure Race, a 48hr race that will be sure to test your skills whilst soaking in the stunning north coast scenery.

The BARRINGTON COAST EDITION will take racers to wild spaces around Gloucester and Barrington NSW. This is a beautiful part of the north coast with flowing rivers, rocky outcrops, forests and plenty of vertical rise to explore. In teams of 4 or 2, you will be thrust into the forests, lakes and rivers of the region navigating through spaces rarely visited, encountering challenges, as you traverse demanding landscapes in all weather conditions, day and night. This is adventure racing - you - immersed in the outdoors and focused on right now - no phone, no email, no work, no covid updates. Teams will have up to 48hrs to complete the journey, navigating from checkpoint to checkpoint by foot, mountain bike and kayak. There will also be a couple of mystery disciplines in this years race just to spice things up.

You have 2 course options - a full and half - each with up to 48hrs race time. You can race in a team of 2 or 4. You can race with or without a support crew. However for the A1 National Series there are no support crews. Kayaks, paddles and PFDs are provided and if you need a mountain bike we can help.

For more race details, check out the race director's FACEBOOK page.

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