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2022 Canada


Wilderness Traverse




      Ontario | 24hr | 20 - 21 Aug 2022 | Enter & More Info

Format: 24 hours non stop
Distance: 150km


Wilderness Traverse is the adventure racer’s 24-hour adventure race. Deep Canadian wilderness filled with rocky-shored pristine lakes, wildlife-filled wetlands, and mature forests is matched with a focus on navigational challenge and an intense racer experience. As the website reads: “You will love it. You will hate it. And when it’s over… you will long to do it again.”

Canada is renowned for its expansive remote wilderness and race course designer Bob Miller is famous for creating interesting, beautiful, navigationally-challenging courses. He makes full use of the Canadian room to roam by taking racers through the highs and lows of being in Ontario lake country without ever returning to the same terrain.

Ontario is blessed with a diversity of landscapes. On the water, in a field of wildflowers, wading through a swamp or gazing out over a hilly vista of untouched forest, Wilderness Traverse offers racers a chance to feel deeply connected with the natural environment while challenging themselves to the limit mentally and physically. The race features varying routes and cut-offs to accommodate different levels of ability, with only six to ten elite teams successfully completing the full course within 30 hours.

The extremely popular race attracts the best of the Canadian and American adventure racing communities. Teams of 4 vie for the glory of displaying “Bob the Beaver,” a child-sized beaver statue that travels between the winning team-mates for a year until the next Wilderness Traverse champions are determined. Bob (the Beaver) only goes home with one team, but the memories created during this Canadian wilderness adventure stay with everyone.


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