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Race 01 - Chami Adventure S1

        Guatape - Antioquia | 27hr | 5-6 Feb 2022 | Race over - watch replay

Race 02 - Chami Adventure S2

        El Retiro - Antioquia | 10hr | 5 June 2022 | Enter & More Info

Race 03 - Andes por naturaleza

        Andes - Antioquia |18hr | 14 Aug 2022| Enter & More Info

Race 04 - Chami Adventure S3

             ** WORLD CUP STOP **

        Carolina del Principe - Antioquia | 36hr | 5-6 Nov 2022| Enter & More Info


The first race of the A1 Colombia National Series is Chami Adventure S1 on 5-6 Feb in Guatape, Antioquia.  Guatapé is a magical place, it is the place in the department of Antioquia most visited by tourists from all over the world, its charm is found in its extensive reservoir of multiple islands and the Peñol stone.

Main category distance: 110 km

Duration: Winning team 17 hours – time limit 27 hours


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The second race of the A1 Colombia National Series is Chami Adventure S2 on June 5 2022 in El Retiro - Antioquia.  A town very close to the city of Medellín that still preserves its peasant customs and that around it are extensive native forests, mountains and crystal clear waters that make this place a great place for hiking and canyoning.

Place: El Retiro - Antioquia

Main category distance: 60 km

Duration: Winning team 7 hours – time limit 10 hours


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The third race of the A1 Columbia National Series is Andes por naturlaleza.  Since 2010, this spectacular race has been held in a town in the middle of the Andes mountain range, with landscapes full of coffee plantations and incredible waterfalls to enjoy nature.

Date: August 14, 2022

Place: Andes - Antioquia

Main category distance: 90 km

Duration: Winning team 12 hours – time limit 18 hours

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The final race of the A1 Colombia National Series is Chami Adventure S3 which will also be the official A1 World Cup Stop in Colombia.  The event is to be held in Carolina del Príncipe, located north of the city of Medellín is a privileged place for adventure sports, surrounded by two water reservoirs, navigable rivers, waterfalls such as the Guadalupe River with a 250-meter free fall, perhaps the second-highest in Colombia.

Date: 5-6 November 2022
Place: Carolina del Principe - Antioquia
Main category distance: 150 km
Duration: Winning team 24 hours – time limit 36 hours
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Standings after Race 02

1st Xpedition Race Team
2nd Pa' lante 2
3rd Lego CNMC
4th Bosi
5th Pa' lante 1
6th Voiito
7th Orientación y Aventura
8th Mayarí 1
9th Umawa
10th Montte
11th Tranquilos
12th Nómadas
13th Somos Tribu
14th Saferbo
15th Wolf Team
16th Trail 4 All
17th Kaizen
18th Andinas
19th Los Muiscas
20th Novatos CNMC
21st Karen's Yodora
22nd Sherpa's
23rd Enertitan
24th Nativos
25th Pague 4 lleve 1
26th Empro Aventura 3
27th Nativos Aventura
28th Cocodrilos
29th Jirens

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