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Race 01 - KAIKOURA AR - Complete

        South Island | 24hr | 23-24 April 2022 | More Info

Race 02 - RANGITIKEI  - Complete

         North Island | 12 hr | 14 May 2022 |  More Info


         North Island | 12hr | 6-7 Aug 2022 |  Enter & More Info


         North Island | 24hr | 12-13 Nov 2022  | Enter & More Info

Race 05 - TRUE WEST   

         South Island | 48hr | 1-4 Dec | Enter & More Info

The 2022 series kicks off on the South Island on 23 April with Kaikoura Adventure Race. Hosted by adventure racing mavens Tane Cambridge and Tim Farrant, this 24-hour race was a big success in its inaugural year and is back to deliver yet another epic race.

On 14 May, the A1 series heads to the North Island for Rangitikei Adventure Race.

On 6 Aug August, the A1 series heads to Whangamata for the Bivouac Outdoor Adventure Race.  Athletes will get to experience a mix of beautiful coastal beaches and native forests. The event requires no support crew and with Whangamata only being 2 Hours from Auckland Airport it’s easy for teams to get to from anywhere. There is also a range of other shorter events so bring the Family and all have a go. 

Next the series heads to Marokopa in November for the 24hr Marokopa Munter. The rugged Waitomo area offers such a variety of spectacular terrain, mixed in with a healthy dose of rogaine, strategy and good old fashioned hills. The ‘Munter’ provides a quality hit out in preparation for GODZone at Rotorua, as well as an achievable race for intermediate level racers. Get 'Munted!

Finally, the 2022 A1 NZ series will wrap up with the new 48 hr True West adventure race by Nathan Fa'avae on the South Island.  Not only will this race likely crown the next NZ adventure racing champions but also will be host to the first-ever A1 World Cup Final



1st        Swordfox               100

1nd       Nutrient Rescue      100

3rd        Ataraxia                 85

3th        fearyouth               85

5th        Tiger Adventure NZ 73

5th        Nelson Vets            73

7th        Random Velocity     63

7th        The Unpronounceables  63

9th        No Gear No Idea     55

9th        Heavy packs just snacks 55

11th      Jabberwock             50

11th      14 M & L                 50

13th      Racey Chicks           45

14th      Team Kumho           40

15th      Antiques Roadshow  35

16th      Smashed Fannies + Ali   30

17th      Rad Ramblings         28

18th      Welly Wanderers      26

19th      OMU Duo                24

20th      Morphine Induced Dream22

21st      How to Train Your Boomer20

22nd     No Limits                18

23rd      Deadbeat Dads       16

24th      This Isn’t High Tea  14

25th      Human Weapons     12

26th      The Virgins             10

27th      Getittogether           8


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