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TRUE WEST 1st - 4th Dec 2022



The 2022 A1 NZ series will wrap up with the new 48 hr True West adventure race by Nathan Fa'avae on the South Island.  Not only will this race likely crown the next NZ adventure racing champions but also will be host to the first-ever A1 World Cup Final

The first A1 World Cup Final is to be held in the South Westland of New Zealand, arguably the most rugged terrain in New Zealand.... it’s like Fiordland but on a 30-degree angle. Hosted by adventure racing legend Nathan Fa'avae with his new race True West, this will be a race the adventure racing community has never seen before.

It is scenically majestic, but underneath the beauty lies an extreme contrast, the place can be brutal and punishing. Anyone planning to do this race needs to calibrate their toughness metre, this will be an extremely challenging course.

It is very important that teams who take on this race have the necessary skills to manage themselves in demanding environments. Teams need to be able to assess danger, manage risks and make sensible decisions in remote places. It is possible that flash flooding could stop teams from progressing on the course, forcing them to camp on high ground and wait for water levels to drop. Rescue may not be an option if the weather is severe.

South Westland demands that teams have a high level of outdoor experience and are able to manage themselves in all conditions. Survival skills and knowledge will be a bonus, fire lighting, building emergency shelters, interpreting weather,
Teams must be prepared to quickly switch out of race mode and into adventure mode, safety and survival being the number one priority. If reading this sends shivers up your spine, please enter the 12-hour event.

For more race details, check out the race director Nathan Fa'avae WEB SITE .

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