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Teams are allocated points per the table below with only "Premier Mixed" teams recognised for awards at the national and international level.   At the end of each calendar year, A1 will crown a new mixed premier team as the National Adventure Racing Champions at each A1 Country and also a new A1 World Cup Champion. 

Team members are also allocated points equal to their team's overall race position, which go towards their A1 Club ranking and membership levels.  At present this is simply a cumulative points membership and ranking, showing your dedication to the sport. 

In the A1 national series, your best 3 race results will count towards your season total.

The A1 World Cup points and results rules are currently being reviewed and will be disclosed shortly. 


  1. Note members of a team "unranked" due to a retired team member, who go on to finish the course receive A1 Club points equal to their theoretical finish line position.  The retired team member only gets the 1 DNF point.


  1. Teams must contain both males and females to qualify for the series.  Adventure 1 supports and promotes the unique nature of this sport as being gender-neutral, ensuring both sexes work together in teams.
  2. National champions and teams representing their country in A1 World Cups, the World Cup Finals and the World Championships must be composed only of athletes that meet the requirements specified by their National Olympic Committee or National Sports Authority to represent their country.
  3. Teams may draw from a pool of up to 7 team members for their selected races that count toward their season total.
  4. For a team to accumulate points towards the Adventure 1 series and to maintain an Adventure 1 ranking it must abide by the rules outlined for each sanctioned race (each race may have its own special rules unique to the race location).  However, Adventure 1 has the right to overrule if deemed appropriate. A new set of world series rules is under review and will be disclosed shortly.
  5. In the event of a tie break, the team with the highest placed race results wins (most firsts, then most seconds etc). If still tied, then whichever team has the best head to head. If still tied then the lowest total time across all races wins. Adventure 1 reserves the right to determine the final season rankings in the event of unforeseen circumstances.