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MOUNTAIN DESIGNS, major sponsor of the Australian series, has everything you need to take on the Adventure 1 Series. 

"Because like you, we live and breathe adventure. And like you, we hike, we climb, we camp, we explore, we dare. We know how essential the performance of our product is to the adventure. So by combining that real, hands-on experience with a dedicated focus on functionality, we are more committed than ever to outfitting you in the highest quality products so you can keep the adventure going."

Check out the Mountain Designs online store for all your gear and nutrition needs.


Hang 5.... site just launched.  Content being developed for the “Training".  Rest assured Adventure 1 will bring you the latest…

For now, we can tell you newbies that a training plan of 5 days a week pumping iron, will get you halfway to the first checkpoint, before you find yourself leaning on a mirrorless tree, sweating protein bullets and gasping for air. 


Hang 5.... site just launched.  Content being developed for "Race Logistics AR Style".  Rest assured Adventure 1 will bring you all you need to know about the obscure and unique world of adventure racing logistics…

In the meantime for you newbies, just be aware you'll redefine what it means to pack light and you’ll be shoving small cut to size items in places you didn’t think possible! The art of packing, travelling and racing with mandatory gear and the absolute essentials is an art form, that each athlete takes pride in perfecting.


Getting race ready can require some very important upskilling, as much for injury prevention as speed.  Poor bike form will cause you all sorts of grief 10 hours into an epic ride leg.  So at some point in your adventure racing career, upskilling in kayaking, mountain biking, trail running and navigation will be a must…


With years of local and international racing experience and plenty of podium time, the characters behind the companies listed here are just who you need.