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Ask yourself

  • Are you an adventurer at heart?

  • Want training to be an adventure, not a grind?

  • Want the rewards and growth that comes with pushing your physical and mental limits?

  • Sick of the constraints of conventional sports and want a life-changing adventure?

  • Wanna stop reading and just watch a cool AR video thanks to the crew from Eco challenge and Amazon Prime 

what to expect

Adventure racing is tough…real tough, but WOW its worth it and YOU CAN DO IT.  You will trek, kayak and mountain bike 100s of kms, day and night non-stop carrying supplies, a compass and map, often with no sleep whilst copping whatever mother nature throws at you. 

MIND GAMES... yes, you can do it!

Adventure racing is full of the seemingly impossible, but it is also full of everyday people who with the right frame of mind, determination and resilience overcome their perceived limitations and go on to achieve personal goals they once thought impossible. 

your pathway

Everyone’s journey in life is different… your pathway into adventure racing and the Adventure 1 Series is no exception.    There is no one size fits all.  We don’t know you yet, so only you know what that first step will be. 

Heard Enough?

Ok, you’ve heard the sales pitch, watched the videos, are excited, scared and inspired all at once... Perfect, you’re ready to take your first step!  Let us help you GET INVOLVED below.