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48hr Race | 25th - 28th May | East Gippsland, VIC

Season 2018 kicks off with X-Marathon's 48hr adventure race in the beautiful landscapes of East Gippsland.  This year offers a half course option perfect for those new to the sport or still recovering from the Xmas festivities!  A tough race to start the season, but it will no doubt remove the cobwebs and shape the leader board for what promises to be another epic Adventure 1 Series......

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Rogue Raid

24hr Race | 6th - 7th May | Lake Samsonvale, QLD

An exciting new Rogaine format race joins the 2018 Calendar, with the introduction of the hugely successful Rogue Raid, formally known as the Rogue 24.  Teams compete by collecting as many checkpoints as possible over a 24hr period (that’s right, all teams remain on the course for 24hrs).  

The Rogue Raid involves the traditional adventure racing disciplines of trekking, mountain biking and kayaking where teams must navigate through the course using a map and compass on a route of their own choice.

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GeoQuest Wildside

48hr Race | 8th - 11th Jun | Manning Valley, NSW

The June Long Weekend has always been a pilgrimage for Australian adventure racers. This year the weekend will be taken to a whole new level with two event companies joining forces to present the first Wildside GeoQuest Special Edition. Richard Old, Fully Rad Adventures and Chris Dixon, Wild&Co, both no strangers to adventure racing and creating exciting and challenging races, will be working together to create the biggest adventure racing weekend the east coast has ever seen.

Wildside GeoQuest Special Edition will have everything racers have come to expect from an adventure race, combined all the best bits of both races and a few surprizes as well. The race will take teams on a journey through some of the most spectacular terrain that the Great Lakes Manning Valley regions have to offer.

Race HQ will be the newly re-branded Serenity Diamond Beach (formerly Ramada Diamond Beach) only 3hrs from Sydney. Racers can expect special accommodation deals very soon.

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Hells Bells

24hr Race | 11th - 12th Aug | Sunny Coast, QLD

A race born in 2011, early iterations of X-Marathon were as a 24 hour race which rapidly earned a reputation for being one of the toughest 24 hour races in the country. This year X-Marathon officially becomes a 48 hour race but remains firmly anchored in the state of Victoria.

Set in the beautiful East Gippsland region, there is plenty on offer to support a 48 hour race at the level demanded by experienced race directors Serge and Maria. Both very experienced and successful adventure racing athletes.

A tough race to start the season, but it will no doubt remove the cobwebs and shape the leader board for what promises to be an exciting year.....

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Wildside Myall

50 hr | 30th - 1st Oct | Myall Coast, NSW

50 hrs of expedition racing awaits in the sensational Myall Coast - 1hr from Newcastle, 2.5hrs from Sydney. This part of the coast is relatively untouched offering great adventure opportunities - lots of water, long stretches of coast and a rugged inland.

Teams will navigate through spaces and places rarely visited. They will encounter challenges as they traverse demanding landscapes in all weather conditions, day and night, day after day.

This is expedition racing so teams need to be self-sufficient. They will pack supply tubs which will be moved around the course and carry equipment, food and first aid supplies with them. The planning and strategy that goes along with this style of racing is a skill within itself.

As the final race of the season, it promises to be an epic race and an epic finish to the A1 Australia Series.

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