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X MARATHON25th – 28th January 2018

East Gippsland, Victoria

A race born in 2011, early iterations of X-Marathon were as a 24 hour race which rapidly earned a reputation for being one of the toughest 24 hour races in the country.  In 2018 X-Marathon returns for the 3rd edition of its 48 hour format, which promises to deliver yet another epic and memorable race. 

Set in the beautiful East Gippsland region, there is plenty on offer to support a 48 hour race at the level demanded by experienced race directors Serge and Maria, both very experienced and successful adventure racing athletes. 

As summed up by Hugh Stodart from team Thunderbolt AR "X-Marathon improves every year.  The 48hr format has given Serge and Maria the opportunity to go to more interesting places, introduce epic legs and keep us all guessing on what surprises are in store.”

To accrue points for the series, teams must compete in the premier 48hr race, however this year X-Marathon offers a half course option that still retains all the elements of adventure racing but in a shorter format, perfect for those new to the sport or still recovering from the Xmas festivities! 

A tough race to start the season, but it will no doubt remove the cobwebs and shape the leader board for what promises to be an exciting year.....

For more race details, check out the race director's WEB SITE or FACEBOOK pages.

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