The Adventure 1 Series returns to where it all began in 2023 with a series of four races. The calendar kicks off with the Rogue Raid – a true 24 hour race with a unique rogaine format. The second race of the series will be the 30 hour Explore Gippsland adventure race. A1 is then excited to present the first GODZone Adventure Race to leave the shores of New Zealand, with an expedition race that also doubles not only as the Australian A1 National Adventure Racing Championships but also as the Oceania World Cup. Finally, the series will wrap up the year with the 24 hour Wildside Adventure Race. A national champion will be determined by the best 3 out of 4 results.

Rogue Raid

RankTeamMembersA1 Points
1Alpine AvengersDave Schloss, Elizabeth Dornom, Glenn Wilkinson, Oskar Booth100
2Thought SportsMyall Quint, Rob Preston, Narelle Crozier, Tim Boote85
3ChipestiChris White, Sarah White, Luke Smythe, Mark Costin73
43 Points Of ContactClint Falla, Gary Southerland, Mark Murray, Nicole Walker63
5Wildflow TigersChristine Perry, Anthony Pohlner, Gary Palmer, Russel Stringer55
6ATR TigerLee Taylor, Kelly Gabriel, Trevor Mullens, Dan De Casanove50
7Green Dog KaraokeAdam Power, Paul Maxwell, Amanda Koopman, Paul Guard45
8Triadventure GiantsCass Kimlin, Nathan Munson, Kelsey Hervey, Hayley Kellner40
9Eye of the TigerBrett Penridge, Jeremy Warren, Clare Weatherly, Glen Harris35
10Volsungs TigersTodd Bray, Phil Hodge, Carina Bowes, Monika Shasa30
11Happy FeetRoss Mckinnon, Erin Appleton, Matt Routley, Markus Deutsch28
12Qld TigersCarl Harbour, Chris Walden, Kat Kuiti, Craig Madsen26
13Tri Adventure T.A.R.AAdam Woods, Tara Hassan, Rachel Turney, Anne Venema24
14Mawson Tiger AdventureFung Kafai, Kevin Piercy, Penny Spiers, Kim Piercy22
15Off Trail Adventures - TigersNic Droste, Tamyka Bell, Sarah Dryburgh, Stefanie Awiszus20
16Relentless TigersPeter Spinda, Simone Arthur, Simmo Hughes, Talia Godfrey18
17The Wild&Co Couples RetreatChris Dixon, Sara Dixon, Ben Cann, Jane Cann16
18Get Up, TrinityKim Allison, Laura Hattin, Dane Allison, Louise Perry14
19Wrong Direction Mk3Tom Friend, Scout Hinchliffe, Carl Perkins, Anthony Craig12
20Tiger TrudgersAaron Cook, Jake Nowland, Tom Williams, Laura Newton10

Explore Gippsland

GODZone Australia



RankTeamTotal PointsRogue RaidExplore GippslandGODzone AustraliaWildside
1Alpine Avengers100100–––
2Thought Sports8585–––
43 Points Of Contact6363–––
5Wildflow Tigers5555–––
6ATR Tiger5050–––
7Green Dog Karaoke4545–––
8Triadventure Giants4040–––
9Eye of the Tiger3535–––
10Volsungs Tigers3030–––
11Happy Feet2828–––
12Qld Tigers2626–––
13Tri Adventure T.A.R.A2424–––
14Mawson Tiger Adventure2222–––
15Off Trail Adventures - Tigers2020–––
16Relentless Tigers1818–––
17The Wild&Co Couples Retreat1616–––
18Get Up, Trinity1414–––
19Wrong Direction Mk31212–––
20Tiger Trudgers1010–––

*Denotes a race that exceeds the 7 person limit