Adventure 1 (A1) manages a national ranking system for teams competing in Adventure 1 events within their own country.  Teams compete over a series of typically 24-48 hour races (although may be shorter or longer), accumulating points across their best results over a two year rolling period. 

In addition to having a national ranking, each calendar year a single national championship event will be held in every A1 country with the winning team awarded the title of national champion.  Other races of that country’s Adventure 1 series act as qualifying races for the national championship race.  A select number of national championship races may also be chosen as an A1 World Cup event in any given year. In the situation where a country only has a single Adventure 1 race, that race will automatically act as the A1 National Championship in that country.

A team ranking system involving shorter form adventure races at a national level has the advantage that teams are afforded the opportunity to directly race their competition multiple times, reflecting a true ranking of ability.  This is because the A1 member races are typically more affordable and accessible than international races.

Details of the points system structure and rules of qualification are provided below.


Points are awarded to teams at each individual A1 race according to the table below:

  • Teams will accumulate a points total from their best 4 race results over a 2 year rolling period.
  • Points from an individual race will remain eligible for the ranking system for up to two editions of that specific race, or for up to two years, which ever expires first.
  • Points will be awarded to teams for races within a given country (that is, if a team competes in an Adventure 1 race outside of their country, that race result does not count points towards their home country’s series).
  • All events within a national ranking system are weighted equally for points.
  • In the event of a tie at a specific race, teams are awarded the same points for that event.
  • In the event of a tie in the national ranking, the team with the highest placed race results will be placed ahead (most firsts, then most seconds, etc). If they are still tied, then whichever team has the best head to head record. If still tied then the lowest total time across all races will be placed ahead. A1 reserve the right to determine final rankings in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Note that in specific instances, a country may choose to deviate from this structure where practical to do for that nation. For example, they may employ a different points distribution, not allocate points for unranked/DNF teams, may have variable team member numbers, may not nominate a championship event, assign points differently to different races, etc.


  1. Teams must be co-ed (at least one male and one female) with four members unless specifically otherwise stated for that country’s national ranking system.
  2. Teams may draw from a pool of up to seven team members for their selected races to count towards their national ranking at any given time.Teams may draw from a pool of up to 7 team members for their selected races that count toward their season total.
  3. For a team to accumulate points towards the A1 Series and to maintain an A1 ranking, they must abide by the rules outlined for each sanctioned race. However, A1 has the right to overrule the qualification of a specific team if deemed they have contravened the ethics and guidelines for fair sports as outline by FISO.In the event of a tie break, the team with the highest placed race results wins (most firsts, then most seconds etc). If still tied, then whichever team has the best head to head. If still tied then the lowest total time across all races wins. Adventure 1 reserves the right to determine the final season rankings in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
  4. For teams to qualify for a national ranking or for the National Championship, team members must all be citizens of that country (meeting the requirements specified by their National Olympic Committee or National Sports Authority). Other teams are still eligible to enter and compete, however they will not be eligible for A1 National Series points.
  5. Every team that meets the above criteria will automatically qualify for an A1 National Series ranking by entering the race.