Raid Jackalope Challenge

The Jackalope Challenge is a multi-sport adventure race (mountain biking, running and canoeing) that will take place in stages over 2 days on May 27 and 28, 2023 (between 8 and 12 hours per day). Teams will cross ~150 km in the Lower St. Lawrence region, alternating sports disciplines. The race organization will take care of transporting the bins, bikes and canoes. The canoes are provided by the organization.

This is the second edition of the Jackalope Challenge and it will satisfy all levels of competitors. We have access to a wonderful wilderness area allowing for a diverse and challenging event.

You will spend Saturday night camping with access to a heated indoor common area where a meal and beverage will be served. You will have access to one bin of equipment per person specifically for the overnight camping.

Race 25-35km
Biking 80-100km
Canoeing 25-30km – Lake and river (whitewater and class 1 rapids).

First: Tomates volantes

Joseph Huard & Andrée-Anne Cloutier – 49.5 CP – 22:44:04

Second: Valgo Canada

Marika Sallot des Noyers & Julien Dauplais – 36 CP – 23:53:27

Third: Gaspesia 100 – Panorama Cycles

Jean-François Tapp & Pascale Deschamps – 31.5 CP – 23:18:46