The Canadian Adventure 1 Series is continuing to expand with events from two of the most experienced race directors in the country. Endurance Aventure will host the Canadian A1 National Championship race in September as a two day stage race, with winners qualifying to represent Canada at the World Cup Finals later in the year.

The long running and highly regarded Wilderness Traverse will then return at the start of October with a 24 hour race in Ontario. Teams of 3 or 4 navigate using map and compass over 150 kilometers of rugged Canadian Shield back-country on foot, mountain bike and canoe. It is one of the toughest team-based endurance challenges around and simply reaching the finish line is a massive achievement.

International Raid Temiscamingue

Wilderness Traverse


RankTeamPoints2022 Wilderness TraverseMembers
1Attack from Above8585Chris Laughren, Julie Parent, Chad Spence, Tom Martin
2Raid Pulse7373Jean-François Séguin, Yannick Huneault, Stephanie Bishop, Martin Hardy
3Bend Racing6363Alexandre Provost, Karine Corbeil, Patrick Lussier, Arnaud Côté Boisvert
4Swamp Monsters5555Carolyn Connell, Duane Frattini, James Connell, Leanne Mueller
5RFM-MLCO5050Jérôme Grenier Desbiens, Mathieu Lemay, Christine Isabelle, Jonathan Dionne
6Spare Parts4545Ryan Painter, Natalie Green, Tab Lamoureux, Cam Snodden
7Tajik Mountain Race Series4040Luka Senk, Stu Vander Geest, Wayne Cassidy, Heather Rambukkana
8Thunder Baybes3535Robert Sanderson, Rafal Kaczmarek, Zach Wood-Seems, Nicole Moffett
9TRAILBLAZERS3030Emmanulle Faulkner, Jeremy Faulkner, KENN SCHMITZ, Alex Emeny
10BDC 9112828Antoine Robineault, Audrey Bastien, David Cormier, Louis-Gabriel Pinard
11Fly by Night2626Kevin Gagne, Travis Murphy, Kevin Denston, Courtney Lawson
12Spirit2424William Hitchon, Dave Hitchon, Laura Rowe, Mike Popik
13Spinning out of Control2222Chris Legge, Kelly Legge, Heather Brown, Una Hall
14Wild Warriors2020Steve Horth, Jean-Francois Poitras, Nathalie Bergeron, Karine Hallé
15StormBeowulf33James Gallagher, Cathy Gallagher, Eddie Johnson, Sean Roper
16Great Lakes AR11Derek Bessette, Jay Livingston, John Price, Barbara Niess May
16Walkers 4 Life11Jaimie Walker, Steve Walker, Shawn Walker, Adriana Walker
16Apex Warriors11Richard Bradley, Jerrika Rydall, Dennis Legault, Marc Cayen
16150 Racing11Nash Thornton, Hilary Schaap, Keifer Stevenson, Leigh Janssen
16NARly There11Margaret Stefels, Marissa Vrolijk, Chris Carella, Katelyn Giesbrecht