Colombia is a natural paradise for adventure races, with a great diversity of terrain, climates and vegetation. It is a country that surprises with its landscapes, jungle, huge waterfalls and imposing mountains. The Colombian Adventure Racing National rankings will be decided over a series of races 12-30 hours in length including the introduction of the Andes Por Naturaleza as an A1 race in 2023. This race is joined Chami Series events which take place in the Antioquia region, a location rich in water and crossed by the Andes mountain range, where we will visit magical places and live unforgettable adventures. These races culminate with the winners of each earning a free entry into the Colombian National Championships in November at the Chami Adventre S3 race.

Chami Adventure S1

First: Team Bosi

Second: Voiito

Third: Saferbo-Seti

Chami Adventure S2

First: Safetti

Second: Team Bosi

Third: Mayari 2

Andes Por Naturaleza

First: Team Nomadas

Second: Team Respiro Aventura

Third: Team Bosi

Chami Adventure S3

First: Team Bosi

Second: Safetti

Third: MontaƱeros Adventure