The Adventure 1 (A1) World Cup is a series of premier adventure races from around the globe culminating in the A1 World Cup Final and Expedition Racing World Championships. A1 races include events across the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania. Races are typically anywhere from 24 hours long to multiday expedition length events. Each A1 country has it’s own national series, crowning a national champion, with a select number of events qualifying as World Cup Stops.

A1 is sanctioned by World Obstacle (WO) as the official international adventure racing series. World Obstacle is the working name for the Federation Internationale de Sports D’Obstacles (FISO) and have been provided official GAISF Observer status – an important step in the recognition of obstacle events as an official sport including developing towards their inclusion in the Olympics. WO is responsible for the governance of the sports of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), Ninja and Adventure Racing (AR).

According with standard sporting structures, the Adventure 1 Series include:

  • Adventure 1 National Series. Individual countries crown a national champion each year with a series of races typically 24-48 hours in length (but may run longer or shorter). During the growth phase of A1, where countries do not have enough races to constitute their own national series, they may be combined with races from other countries to form a regional series where it is logical to do so.
  • Adventure 1 World Cup Stops. Include a series of premier World Cup races in key countries, typically 24-48hrs to in length, culminating in an annual World Cup Final.
  • Expedition Racing Continental World Cup. A series of premier expedition length races around the world culminating in the annual Expedition Racing World Championship.