Team Rogue

Liam St Pierre, Chris and Michelle Delaney, Dan and Ali McLachlan, Thor Harrison, Richard Mountstephens.

Rogue Adventure’s national title moves them one step up on the podium from their second-place ranking in the two previous years. As a new national champion, it also makes it the fourth time that a different team has won the Australian title, reflecting the depth of adventure racing talent in the country. Second place in the series was taken out by the Gold Coast Tigers, their first time on the national series podium. This result reflects their consistency as the only team to race all A1 races in 2021. Third place goes to team Thought Sports despite the team only making it to two of the three possible races which is indicative of their world-class strength. Fourth and fifth places go to teams Thunderbolt and Avengers respectively, both of whom have previously held the title of national champions.

Second place: Gold Coast Tigers.

Third place: Thought Sports.


RankTeamTotal PointsExplore GippslandRogue RaidX-MarathonWildside
2Gold Coast Tigers236633510073
3Thought Sports200100100––
5Alpine Avengers1285573––
6Tiger Adventure125–40–85
8Tiger Cubs96–50–45
9The Headless Chickens85––85–
10Tiger Red Zone73118–55
11Peak Adventure Allies641–63
12The Brork Life63–––63
13Turbo Moxie Tigers60–10–50
14Dynamite Ninjas5050–––
15Tiger A1 Rookies27–12–35
16Bear Hunt30–30––
17Dispersed Tigers30–––30
18Directionally Challenged28–28––
19Rouge Adventure26–26––
20Tiger Strangers24–24––
21Off Trail Adventures Tiger22–22––
22Tiger Trudgers20–20––
23Tiger Art16–16––
24Crouching Tigers and Tenacious Turtles14–14––
25Tiger Battlers11–––
26Shackleton Tiger Adventure11–––
27Straight Outta Lockdown11–––
28Tiger Ate11–––
29Lets Go Crazy1––1–

The 2021 Australian A1 National Series was a best 3 of 4 races.
* Exceed the 7 athlete limit, so result does not count towards national ranking.


 TeamMembersA1 Points
1Thought SportsDamon Goerke, Teagan Belfrage, Tim Boote, Peter Preston100
2RogueLiam St Pierre, Chris Delaney, Michelle Delaney, Thor Harrison85
3ThunderboltMyall Quint, Shelley Bambrook, Dave Ellis, Josh Street73
4Gold Coast TigersAmanda Kyneur, Aurelien Penneman, Clint Falla, David Jennings63
5Alpine AvengersDave Schloss, Elizabeth Dornom, Angus Rodwell, Jarad Kohlar55
6Dynamite NinjasKathryn Morland, Josh Roy, Paul Gruber, Daria Kurtov50
DNFTiger BattlersGinaya Dunnhas, Greg Lord, Murillo Mattos, Margarete Oti Oliveira1
DNFShackleton Tiger AdventureKevin Piercy, Noel Duffy, Sharon Blegg, Joel Claxton1
DNFStraight Outta LockdownTomie Pfeiffer, Lesa Muir, Jurg Rupp, Todd Lakeman1
DNFTiger AteMark Murray, Ellie Marks, Wayne Smith, Stephen Machale1
DNFTiger Red ZoneEd Steenbergen, Helen Newman-Steenbergen, Sam Bladergroen, Dylan Chenoweth1
DNFPeak Adventure AlliesJohn Evans, Andrew Evans, Wayne Davey, Kelsey Harvey1


 TeamMembersA1 Points
1Thought SportsRob Preston, Kathryn Preston, Alex Polizzi, Damon Goerke100
2ThunderboltMyall Quint, Hugh Stodart, Josh Street, Shelly Bambrook85
3Alpine AvengersElizabeth Dornom, Angus Rodwell, Jarad Kohlar, Ian Franzke73
4RogueRichard Mountstephens, Ali Mclachlan, Chris Delaney, Michelle Delaney63
5Tri AdventureOskar Booth, Ali Wright, Leo Theoharis, Gary Sutherland55
6Tiger CubsTrent Blinco, Etienne Gautier, Leia Gall-ryan, Mark Murray50
7Wild Flow Tiger Adventure Mark Wilson, Shelly Akester, Anthony Pohlner, Gary Palmer45
8Tiger AdventureTrevor Mullens, Sara Barret, Nicole Walker, Craig Keeling40
9Gold Coast TigersLogan Foote, Amanda Kyneur, Dave Jennings, Clint Falla35
10Bear HuntCharlotte Petersen, Michael Mccluskey, Sarah Van Dyk, Nick Hamilton30
11Directionally ChallengedLaura Dunstan, Max Kadel, Kim Nagle, Nathan Munson28
12Rouge AdventureNorman Kobelke, Mat Peter, Nicole Mat, Jenni English26
13Tiger StrangersNarelle Crozier, Wille Schmidt, Lee Taylor, Linda Exeter-grant24
14Off Trail Adventures TigersNic Droste, Tamyka Bell, Sophie Thomas, Stefanie Awiszus22
15Tiger TrudgersAaron Cook, Scott Poad, Lydon Minnaar, Jennifer Gale20
16Tiger Red ZoneNick Stabler, Penny Spiers, Dan Decasanov, Sebastian Decasanov18
17Tiger ArtRick Wenck, Tim Hazelwood, Andy Hadfield, Liz Young16
18Crouching Tigers and Tenacious TurtlesJohn Stringfellow, Dominic Bosco, Basim Adel, Lizzy Cleland14
19Tiger A1 RookiesLucas Bolton, Mitch Finnen, Erin Keegan, Phoebe Gallagher-reedman12
20Turbo Moxie TigersSam Bladergroen, Stephan Machale, Laura Newton, Kylie Alderson10


 TeamMembersA1 Points
1Gold Coast TigersDavid Jennings, Narelle Crozier, Ed Steenbergen, Etienne Gautier100
2The Headless ChickensDeanna Blegg, Gavin Allen, Rowan Brooks, Simon Vandestadt85
3TigeroosDaniella Marks, Stew Adams, Helen Steenbergen, Silas Sutherland73
4Peak Adventure AlliesJohn Evans, Christina Laws, Hayden Collins, Chris Walker63
DNFLets Go CrazyBrian Bourke, Jack Van Den Driest, Jeff Vandenbrink, Maggie Balsdon1


 TeamMembersA1 Points
1RogueChris Delaney, Michelle Delaney, Ali Mclachlan, Dan Mclachlan100
2Tiger AdventureTrevor Mullens, Sara Barrett, Mark Murray, Narelle Crozier85
3Gold Coast TigersAmanda Kyneur, David Jennings, Clint Falla, Aurelien Penneman73
4The Brork LifeMitch Nissen63
5Tiger Red ZoneDan DeCasanov, Sebastian DeCasanov, Penny Spiers, David Carmody     55
6Turbo Moxie TigersKylie Alderson, Laura Newton, Aaron Cook, Scott Poad50
7Tiger CubsEtienne Gautier, Leia Gall-Ryan, Glen Harris, Brett Penridge         45
8TigeroosEllie Marks, Jason Elvidge, Stew Adams, Silas Sutherland               40
9Tiger A1 RookiesMalachi Ayton, Sean Malone, Beco Boyd, Lucas Bolton35
10Dispersed TigersLiz Young, Carl Harbour, Sarah Nichole-Smith, Sam Bladergroen30