The Adventure 1 Series was established in Australia as a national series in 2017 with the mission to foster the growth of adventure racing as a sport through a unified approach between race directors, their events and their athletes. The series was an instant success with a high level of competition between elite teams while encouraging wider participation at a grass roots level.

A1 expanded to host a national series in South Africa in 2018 and then New Zealand in 2019. In 2021, Adventure 1 made the critical step to be officially sanctioned by World Obstacle as the only official global series for the sport of adventure racing.

World Obstacle is a member based, democratic, not-for-profit organization that exists to represent the needs of its members (the athletes, national federations and their obstacle sports communities), and meet requirements specified by the International Olympic Committee to be recognized as an international sport. Unlike commercial organizations that produce championship events, World Obstacle does not exist for its own gains.

In 2023, the Adventure 1 Series has expanded to 19 countries with over 40 races around the globe. These events include the most highly regarded and viewed race in the world, culminating with the A1 World Cup Final hosted by possibly the most accomplished adventure racer ever to live, 7 x world champion Nathan Fa’ave. Winners of each of the continental world cup events will take home a coveted entry into the GODZone New Zealand expedition race, one of the most highly regarded races in the world.

Adventure 1 continues its mission to support and promote local, national, and international athletes, events, and race directors

Are there any costs to be involved?

No. The Adventure 1 Series is a not-for-profit organisation and does not charge races to be a member of the series. Built from a grass-roots foundation, this means there are no expenses that are passed on to competitors, helping to make the sport more affordable and accessible.

Can my race be a member of A1 and another series?

Yes. Being an A1 member race does not preclude you from being a member of any other federation or series. Good examples of this include the Rogue Raid in Australia which has been an A1 race since 2018 but also awards qualifying points for the Queensland Rogainer of the Year awards. Another example are the Brazilian A1 races which are also members of the CBC Aventura Federation.

Can I be involved at an administrative level?

Yes. As Adventure 1 continues its global expansion, there are a number of roles that will need to be filled. These include roles within technical committees and in an athlete and race director advisory capacity. There is also capacity to lead the administration if you are looking to establish a new Adventure 1 National Series within your own country. You can read more about the current committee members and governance structures of World Obstacle here. To find out more, contact info@adventure1series.com

What are the requirements to host an A1 race?

There are a number of minimum requirements to host an Adventure 1 series race. To help us adequately promote your event, we require you to:

  • Complete the Pre-Race Information Form linked above, providing important information about your race (name, length, location, dates, weblinks, imagery, etc) as soon as this information is publicly available.
  • Provide a pre-race report in the week prior to your event, along with a GPS tracking link from the race if available.
  • Complete the Race Results Form linked above as soon as it is practically possible after the event so that we can collate results and further promote your event.
  • Display Adventure 1 and World Obstacle logos on your race website, social media and other promotional material. These logos will be provided for you.
  • Your event must meet the standards set by World Obstacle in regards to ethics, safety guidelines, fairness, sustainability and responsible business practices. You can read more about World Obstacle here.
  • There may be an expectation, but not a requirement, to provide one or more free entries for your race as prizes to winning teams of other A1 races or series.
  • Provide A1 with the email contact details of those athletes competing in a team ranked for A1 points, and include permission in your event waivers notifying athletes that Adventure 1 will contact them about other A1 races (they will have the ability to unsubscribe).

What are the benefits of hosting an A1 race?

There are a number of significant benefits to hosting a race within the Adventure 1 series. These include:

  • Free promotion of your event to a global audience via A1’s various platforms.
  • You event will be officially sanctioned by World Obstacle, the global governing body for adventure racing.
  • Membership of the AR Technical Committee under World Obstacle responsible for setting the policies, guidelines and systems for developing adventure racing worldwide.
  • The ability to leverage World Obstacle and Adventure 1 affiliation when approaching potential sponsors or applying for government funding.
  • Increased participation in your events. A1 races in other countries have had a significant uptick in participant numbers, particularly from elite teams looking to chase valuable series points in the fight for a national ranking.
  • The potential to offer free entries to other races including World Cup events, World Cup Final and World Championships for qualifying winning teams.
  • The chance to be involved in the collaborative growth of the sport by working with other race directors in your region in a coordinated approach.
  • A1 races that meet the high standards required may be selected as Continental World Cup events. These events offer a free entry to the winning team for the prestigious GODZone Expedition World Championships in New Zealand.
  • Assistance from World Obstacle’s technical and advisory committees where requested.
  • Being able to offer your participants the chance to compete in a broader national series and compete for a national ranking.

To learn more about hosting an Adventure 1 Series race, contact us at info@adventure1series.com.